Harley Stone Independent Toronto Escort + Companion + International Travel Companion



day date     6000

weekend     10,000

additional  days     3,000



  • Traveling can be quite a feat, what with time changes & jet leg, pesky security and flight delays... Generally, it seems more comfortable for both of us to book separate flights and arrange meeting points for our destination. That way, we can ensure that the stresses of travel do not tarnish our times together and our privacy is ensured. Not to mention that it is a much more discreet way for us to venture worldwide as undercover lovers.


  • I require a deposit of 50%, along with a downpayment to cover travel booking costs. To ensure that both of our privacies are respected, it is best if we book our travel separately. 


  • I find it best to arrange for separate rooms for our first night to acclimatize. Afterwards, we can spend breakfast in bed and enjoy late night pillow talks in a room of our own.


  • Though I've got to say, I do tend to put miles behind me in my quotidien life, I think it best we schedule some down time during our away so that we may recharge. Generally, finding activities to do apart makes our time together all the more sweet.


  • If possible, I find it best if we can arrange a meet-and-greet prior to our engagement so we may work out the final details and expectations regarding our little adventure. 


  • I require at least 4 hours alone time per day