You can get in touch by emailing me at MEETHARLEYSTONE@PROTONMAIL.CH

I'm delighted to hear from a new playmate! Don't be shy. I won't bite... unless you want me to.

I encourage you to get in touch early so we can get the screening process out of the way swiftly and are better able to plan for our first foray. Information on best practices for an introductory email can be found on my CONTACT page.

If I do not respond to your inquiry, it may be that I am otherwise occupied, you did not provide screening information or perhaps I did not click with your approach. As an independent provider, I have the privilege of making conscious choices about who I will work with... 

As a professional independent escort, I take pride in my work/play, and expect nothing less than respect and care in all correspondence. Once able to cast seriousness aside, I am a truly playful being with whom you can let go and expand your horizons. 

Please note, I'm a gal who likes to wear many hats, has a lot on her plate, and apparently mixes her metaphors. I will not be able to respond to emails that do not provide screening information upon first contact- this is just for efficiency in my business. Thanks for your understanding, my fellow entrepreneurs. 

I understand the difficulties of juggling a busy modern life and know that pre-booking may not always be possible. If you have a tendency to desire same-day appointments, I encourage you to get in contact with me now so that we may get screening processing aside and be better able to book same-day in the future. 

That being said, it is suggested that you contact me at least a couple of days in advance to ensure that our schedules can accommodate the times and dates that work best for you. I am not available for same-day appointments.  

Like most of us, I'm a busy gal with plenty of civilian responsibilities to attend-to, thus my schedule tends to be booked in advance. Let's make sure we both can set aside time for each other in advance and let the anticipation build...

Well that's exciting!

If you've read this far, I'm sure you've spent some time researching our corner of the universe. Maybe it's titillating, invigorating and a bit intimidating. You probably have concerns over privacy, ensuring that you choose the right companion for you and may be concerned about making any mishaps. That's common.

Rest assure, my brave adventurer, you are in good hands.

Seeing as you've already done some research and have read my website, we are ready to begin our first steps towards getting your hands dirty. I've listed alternative screening options below for our convenience, and have quite an extensive f.a.q section to answer the most common questions.

Though perhaps the questions you have are not answered here. I am more than happy to chat over email about your concerns, and help guide you on your adventure. It's helpful to clarify what your are looking for (and it's okay if you're not sure yet) so that we can ensure that our time together is illuminating. 

It's always a great honour to induct someone into the demimonde of companionship. Plenty of fruitful relationships have started out with new comers eager to learn what this world is all about. I can be your gentle guide.

If you are not part of any review boards (CAERF, LYLA, TERB, MERB, PERB, P411, TER) and do not have any references, the following screening processes may be applicable to you. Please keep in mind that as an independent provider, I have the privilege of making conscious choices about whom I choose to engage in business. Respectful and courteous communication cannot be overstated.

1) You can prepay for your appointment via direct email transfer to a discreet email address I have set up for such purposes,&nbsp. This option is only available for Canadian Clients.

2) You can provide me with your full legal name, place of employment, job title, work phone number and best time to call. If preferred, you can come up with a cover story for my screening call (Eg: Sarah calling from FedEx for Mr.X).N.B. Sending me your Linked In account does not count.

This service is only available for places of employment where employee directories are available, or where the phone call can be directed through an administrative staff.

It goes without saying that all information will remain confidential. I assure you, the risks of being unmasked as a companion far outweigh the risks of being unmasked as a client, and I would never jeopardize my business or my ability to continue to do the work in my field outside of companionship.

I am a Toronto-based provider, but also indulge in my wanderlust quite often. If I'm on tour, you'll be sure to find me in a swanky boutique hotel in whichever city I choose to visit.

For Toronto inquiries, I do not disclose my locations via my website to ensure my privacy and security. After we've gone through the screening process and established a booking, I am more than happy to give you the location of my private condo in the financial district.

Oh gosh - I'm globetrotter.

Though I am a Toronto-based babe, I've been known to skip town for months at a time or weekend holidays abroad. I no longer post my travels online, or via twitter. Recent increased surveillance has me very cautious about my whereabouts. For those who want to see me abroad, I suggest you get in touch via email. 

Privacy, confidentiality and security of my lovers and myself are my top priority. To help ensure this, I do not disclose my touring dates out-of-country publicly, though I tour often.  Known as the oldest profession, our society still has a ways to go before they catch up to us. Us lovers are ahead of the times. 

For fellow jet-setters and worldwide admirers, I have created a password protected TRAVEL DATES page as well as a mailing list. If you'd like to join to see just where in the world we might meet, please visit the TRAVEL DATES for pre-screening. 

Will we meet in the London Fog, on a San Franciscan night, in a Parisian Café, in the Texas heat, or in the streets of New York?

I often get asked for hotel, dining and cocktail bar recommendations from patrons visiting town or fellow Hog Town dwellers seeking the perfect locale for our dinner date. Call me your Toronto Pleasure concierge.  

What you're looking for not on the list? Email me for bespoke suggestions at

Alternatively, if I find myself in a foreign city, I'm happy to curate our night together or let you take the lead. I've got research trigger-ready fingers and a hunger for finding hot spots worldwide, but am also happy to cede ground and let a local show me 'round. 

Unfortunately, the world is not ready to recognize the wonders of our little demimonde. Stigma and criminalization has me hiding my pretty face to preserve ease of travel and the continual work I do outside our demimonde.

And what a shame too!

My full pout lips have often been praised and my deep blue eyes have been known to make the fellas swoon. I've a more classic french look, and so having me by your side as we stroll down cobble stones may turns heads but not raise eyebrows.

As for tattoos, I've been graced with the work of a few artists, all quite tasteful in my opinion. Once again, I've chose to edit out my tattoos for the security and privacy of myself and my lovers. For piercings, I've just the traditional ears with which to adorn gorgeous earnings.

Gifts are not expected. You do not have to feel that you need to lavish me with material goods to earn my affection. I appreciate respect, honest connection and openness above and beyond any physical gift. Some of my most beloved lovers gift me great conversations, helpful suggestions, book recommendations and honest support, and I am all the better for it.

Though as a Leo with the love language of gift giving, I am always delighted to receive gifts and deeply understand the pleasure of bestowing them. I see you, fellow gift bestowers! If gifting brings you joy and you'd like to spoil me rotten, I'm yours to lavish upon.

You can visit my WISHLIST for ideas.

I've known quite a few gentlemen who enjoy investing in my career and self-care, so if your fancy includes helping boost my business, aiding in my insatiable hunger for knowledge or providing me with some much needed short vacations to recharge, email me for what's on my want lists.

I happen to have friends across the nation (and across borders) who would love to join us for a saucy romp. Check out my DUETS page for a roster of stunning international ladies.

I also happen to be a social butterfly, so if there is someone who's caught your eye and would like to invite to our soirée, chances are I might know her quite well.

And if I don't know her? Well, with all the drop dead gorgeous women who haunt the demimonde, I'd be more than thrilled if you could facilitate our introduction. Permission to queue naughty thoughts here

Though I have been well reviewed on both American and Canadian review boards, working hard to gain an internationally accredited reputation, I have made the decision to start the de-listing process and am implementing a zero-review policy. This is for the safey and privacy of myself and my clientele as a companion who frequently crosses international borders. Thanks for respecting our privacy. If you disrespect this policy, the community will be alerted of this behaviour.

If we've seen each other before, I'd love to be your reference! References ensure the safety of my fellow providers and ease of service for my clientele. Do not hesitate to contact me to give me the heads up so I will be on the look-out for incoming references inquiries and be better prepare to respond lighting-fast.

Asking me to be your reference demonstrates your respect of providers and their safety. You will only ever rise in my eyes. In life, lust and love of puppies, I embrace non-monogamy!

Please note: As the majority of providers require references from within the last 6-10 months period, I will only be able to provide a reference if we've seen each other within that time frame.

Unfortunately, stereotypes for companions and their lovers abound. We know better. My lovers span the spectrum and the globe, but all possess the same qualities: respectful, opened minded and genuine.

I welcome lovers of all races, nationalities, religions, body types, ages, abilities, professions and tastes in music. :)

For we know that what makes great lovers is nothing but connection.

And oh, my dear lover, what connections we will make.

I welcome people of all abilities. In fact, I have experience as a sexual health educator am grateful for the wealth of knowledge gained and shared around the topic of sex and disability. Please feel free to discuss any particular requests you may have.

Accessibility of the spaces I use may vary. Though my condo location has an elevator, it does not have an accessible washroom. I am more than happy to meet you in the comfort of your own home and waive the outcall fee if that is more convenient.

The more the merrier! 

I fall smack-dab in the middle of the Kinsey scale, and am always looking to welcome more women in my bed.

I'm always ecstatic to join an adventurous couple who want to share their lust with an exquisite companion. Whether you're new to this venture or seasoned explorers, let me join in on your fun!

To ensure that we are all on the same page, a phone conversation with both partners is required. I know that this can be nerve-wracking for some, but rest assure, I am very open to establishing boundaries so that everyone is comfortable. 

I welcome people of all genders. In fact, I relish inviting women, queer folk and folks of all genders into my bed. So much so that, for you and you only, I provide special rates.

Oh, and of course special rates are available for fellow providers. Email me for details. :)


A detailed description of my screening process can be found on my CONTACT page.

Life sometimes gets in the way of our planned playtime - naughty life!

As I decline other commitments and amass expenses for our rendez-vous, a cancellation fee is befitting.

Within 72 hours - a 50% deposit for our next date.

Within 24 hours - 25% cancellation fee.

Last minute - 50% cancellation fee.

Fee not paid? Companions will be forewarned of your behaviour.   

Well of course!

For all OVERNIGHTS, I require at least 6 hours of beauty sleep & breakfast (perhaps en lit?)

I love to visit new places, and travel quite frequently. However, I do not disclose all of my travel dates, nor exact dates of travel in order to protect the privacy and ensure the safety of both my clientele and myself. 

I've created a password protected TRAVEL DATES page as well as a mailing list available to pre-screened clients. I encourage you to get in touch so that you may be prepared for my visit to your city!

However, there are simply too many great places to visit and not enough time! If I don't have an upcoming travel date to your city, I am available for bespoke fly-me-to-you packages. Please visit my TRAVEL for more information.

Words to steal my heart!

If we've yet to meet, I suggest writing an introductory email and provide references from providers with whom you have travelled. Please see my TRAVEL page for more details.

If you're a resident of the 6 (Toronto), then perhaps we should meet for a quick coffee to ensure that our desires align! 

While I'm flattered you asked, exclusive arrangements are not on the menu.

I do, however, offer partial exclusive monthly arrangements. I'm already a provider who prefers the company of a few select gents, but I welcome monthly arrangements for those who'd like to be prioritized and have our arrangement dealt with and out of the way so we can plan freely for our escapades.