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vilaine fille


international travel companion + toronto independent escort


Welcome to my small corner of the demimonde...


With all the gorgeous, dynamic and intelligent women who haunt the demimonde, I'm honoured you've taken the time to stop by my little slice. If it's your first time venturing into our titillating world, let me be your gentle guide. If you're well seasoned in the delights of companions, then by all means let's see where else we can take each other.  But of course let's not get ahead of ourselves. Please grab a nice cup of tea (or quick coffee on the go) and peruse my bad prose to get to know me a bit more.

Humbled that you have stumbled upon my web-based home, I look forward to meeting you in the flesh.  

Yours always,

Harley Stone



I've got just enough urban city slick to know where the hidden jazz bars lie, yet I haven't forgotten my small town charm. I can be coy and playful, and dish out saucy banter by the spoonful. I've got enough university degrees to match my wit, but have stayed grounded. 

French, the language of love, is my mother tongue, but I am fluent in English, lust and talking dirty. I can be equally at ease dressed to the nines at a downtown chef's restaurant, strolling the cobblestone streets of a European city or playing it casual at a packed concert hall. We won't be spending our time trailing the well beaten path as I'm sure to sniff out the hidden city gems of any venture destination we decide to embark on, both on terra firma & on soft sheets. 

From a petite frame with a beautiful derrière and sweet face comes a hidden trove of delightful sauce that can ramp up the naughty play once we've sauntered our way back from dinner to rumple the sheets. Just like my personal style, I may appear sleek and well kept, but you can be assured that underneath the outerwear, I've hidden layers of naughty lace and silky satins to unravel.

And just like you, my dear lover, I have miles to go before I sleep.

Miles to go before I sleep.



Age: twentysomething

Height: A staggering 5'2

Education: Master's Degree

Shoe size: 7.5 or 8 weather-dependant

Ethnicity: French Canadian Charm & Irish Wit

Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde

Eyes: Deep Blue

Languages: French, English and a spattering of Spanish

Passport Ready




oH DEAR, I'm a travel maven.

To protect the privacy + safety of myself + my clientele, i do not disclose my travel dates publicly.

Travel dates are available to prescreened clients only. Get in touch for details.







* For travel, fly-me-to-you and bespoke packages, please see my TRAVEL.


One Hour               500

One Hour and a Half 700

Two Hours             900

Three Hours          1300

Four Hours            1600

Additional Hours  + 400 

Overnight            3500

Day Rate             6000

Weekend             9000


One Hour                   900

One Hour and a Half 1200

Two Hours                1600

Three Hours              2000

Four Hours                2500

Additional Hours       + 600 

Overnight                  4500

Day Rate                    6500

Weekend                  10000